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The WARN Act

WARN Act Layoff Notice The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) is a law that provides protection to workers and their families by requiring larger employers to provide a written layoff notice at least 60 days prior to a mass layoff, facility shutdown, or plant closing.

The advanced notice required by the WARN Act gives employees a chance to keep earning a wage while they find, adjust, and retrain for a new job. The WARN Act provides protection to all non-governmental employees including blue and white collar workers and salaried and hourly employees.

In addition to the protections of the federal WARN Act, many states, including, New York, New Jersey, California, and Ohio provide protections to affected employees under state laws that embrace the spirit of the federal WARN Act law.

If you have recently been terminated or laid off as part of a facility shut down, plant closing, or mass layoff, your rights under the WARN Act may have been violated. If you were let go as part of a facility shutdown or mass layoff, or, if your job was outsourced to another country, you may have claims against your former employer under the WARN Act.

The experienced WARN Act lawyers of The Gardner Firm have represented thousands of laid off workers nationwide in federal and state class action WARN Act suits. If you've been laid off without a written layoff notice, or, you've received a shortened notice (less than 60 days), please contact Mary Olsen or Vance McCrary for a FREE WARN Act consultation.

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